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Promotional products Logobugs


All the Promotional Logobugs below can have your logo printed or stitched on to them. The ranges offer many different ways of presenting your company and message in the form of a full complement of corporate gifts, promotional items, advertising products and promotional products. We are a major supplier of trade show give aways and promotional products. These Premiums are just one of hundreds of marketing gifts we can supply at very competitive prices


Logobug - apple   Apple

From 0.29 Each

Banana Logobug

Logobug - banana  Banana Logobug

From 0.29 Each


Logobug - banner  Banner

From 0.25 Each


Logobug - builder   Builder

From 0.29 Each


Logobug- carrot   Carrot

From 0.29 Each

Christmas tree

Logobug - christmas tree   Christmas tree

From 0.29 Each


Logobug- computer   Computer

From 0.29 Each


Logobug - cricket  Cricket

From 0.25 Each


Logobug - football   Football

From 0.29 Each


Logobug - globe  Globe

From 0.29 Each


Logobug - reindeer  Reindeer

From 0.29 Each


Logobug- snowman   Snowman

From 0.29 Each

Promotional logo bugs are fantastic fun promotional giveaways. Many styles and variations are available within our large range of promotional logo bugs. For example in ou range range we can supply handy log bugs, banner log bugs,hatter logo bugs, frog logo bugs, duck logo bugs and many more styles and shapes of promotional logo bugs..

What exactly are promotional logo bugs ? They are small furry shapes which you can stick on your computer or work station or send out attached to your promotional literature. Attached to the logo bug is a ribbon which can be printed with your brand details, logo, strapline or marketing message.

In addition to the furry style promotional logo bug we also have the flat style and instead of the ribbon for printing your promotional marketing message we also have the card style available.

Made to order in the colour of your choice promotional logo bugs make ideal marketing tools and very effective low cost fun promotional items.

Promotional logo bugs have always been a favourite promotional item for charities and also for they have been used by the NHS for example as they are very affordable and make effective and fun promotional items. This promotional item maximises impact within a limited promotional budget.

You will often see promotional logo bugs sitting on top of peoples computers at work giving your brand high visibility in your clients or customers business premises.

When selecting a promotional product, you may have in mind a trade show or an exhibition. To make sure your promotional marketing literature stands out and makes a marketing impact, you can easily attach a promotional logo bug to the brochures. When handing out your literature to visitors at trade shows or exhibitions, the logo bug will lighten the approach to your prospective clients and will entice the visitor to read the brochures.

To summarise. promotional logo bugs have the facility to have your marketing message communicated either with the ribbon style attachment or alternatively with the card style attachment. So when considering a low cost value promotional item do consider the promotional logo bug which is a less formal way of bringing your marketing message, brand or strapline to the notice of clients or potential clients.