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Promotional products Lanyards


All the Promotional Lanyards below can have your logo printed or stitched on to them. The ranges offer many different ways of presenting your company and message in the form of a full complement of corporate gifts, promotional items, advertising products and promotional products. We are a major supplier of trade show give aways and promotional products. These Lanyards are just one of hundreds of marketing gifts we can supply at very competitive prices

Eco Friendly Lanyard

Eco friendly lanyard, white and available in various colours  Eco Friendly Lanyard

From 1.75 Each

Hood Lanyard Black

Black hood lanyard  Hood Lanyard Black

From 3.00 Each

Hood Lanyard Orange

Orange hood lanyard   Hood Lanyard Orange

From 3.00 Each

Hood Lanyard White

White hood lanyard.  Hood Lanyard White

From 3.00 Each

Lanyard Baby Blue

Baby blue Lanyard.  Lanyard Baby Blue

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Black

Thin Black Lanyard  Lanyard Black

From 0.92 Each

Lanyard Black 20mm

Thick Black lanyard  Lanyard Black 20mm

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Blue

Blue Lanyard  Lanyard Blue

From 0.92 Each

Lanyard Deep Red

Red Lanyard.  Lanyard Deep Red

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Green

Green lanyard  Lanyard Green

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Navy Blue

Navy blue lanyard  Lanyard Navy Blue

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Orange

Orange Lanyard  Lanyard Orange

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard Red

Lanyard - red  Lanyard Red

From 1.18 Each

Lanyard White

White lanyard  Lanyard White

From 0.92 Each

Lanyard Yellow

Yellow Lanyard.  Lanyard Yellow

From 1.18 Each

Lanyards with plastic namecards , exibhition trade necklaces